Smooshy Mushy​​​​​​​

Client: Redwood Ventures
I contributed to Smooshy Mushy, a beloved kawaii-inspired foam toy brand, creating animations and illustrations for various toy lines. My designs were featured in their packaging, character art, video teasers, and social media.
Role: Illustration, Storyboard, Animation
Smooshy Mushy Ultra
I conceptualized and crafted graffiti-inspired designs for Smooshy Mushy Ultra Metalix, enhancing the appearance and scent of rare pets and besties. These designs adorned characters, packaging, and merchandise. Additionally, I contributed to the production of animated GIFs and video teasers for distribution across social media channels and Target's website.
Video Teaser – a fun and quick animated video to show the transformation of the pets and besties
Smooshy Mushy Bentos
Some illustrations of the characters' actions and expressions to be used on the front package of this Smooshy Mushy series.