Satellite Tech 
Global Fishing Watch

I partnered with the communications team at Global Fishing Watch to create a video introducing their revolutionary technology. Following their existing brand guideline, we came up with a narrative script that guides audiences through the functionality and possibility of these cutting-edge technologies, including satellite data, cloud computing, and machine learning to track, process, and visualize fishing and other human activity taking place across our global ocean.

The video was promoted via a social media and marketing campaign in early 2022 and has garnered 560,000+ views across all channels while the campaign posts were seen over 2.1 million times with 10,000 engagements. The promotional campaign drove almost 6,000 visits to the Global Fishing Watch website and gained 3,300 new social media followers.

Role: Art Direction, Design, Storyboard
Creative Development: Duke&Duck
Producer: Gina Falcone
Art Direction: Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Design & Storyboard: Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Animation: Gabriel Dalmaso
3D animation: Andrei Mallmann
Sound Design: Chris Mastellone