Motivational Campaign
Client: Public Library of Science (PLOS)
In collaboration with PLOS, a nonprofit Open Access journal dedicated to advancing science communication, I co-created a Motivational Campaign consisting of five short discipline-based videos. These videos employ whimsical and surreal visuals to highlight various research motivations. Researchers are invited to engage with a quiz, leading them to a personalized landing page featuring the video that best resonates with their research interests. The campaign aims to inspire researchers to delve deeper into their chosen areas and explore new opportunities within their fields.
Role: Art Direction, Design, Storyboard
Through an abstract and photographic collage, the scientific importance of fairness is vividly portrayed, using symmetry and patterns to symbolize a fair research culture and equitable distribution. Every element moves in perfect synchrony, converging to forge a harmonious trajectory toward the future.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Using the concept of a nesting doll, the motion of peeling layer after layer reveals something surprising. This video speaks to the opportunity for exciting and new scientific discovery.
Trust is another key scientific value in the PLOS research community. In this narrative, a portal is used to represent transparency in research and a building block as the foundation for new discoveries.
What is the role of a leader within the scientific community? This video explores the value of leadership through the lens of an abstract leader figure. Follow along as we journey through a cellular landscape. The leader lays the path for future researchers by being the first to explore new ideas and supporting others.
Dive into a beautiful landscape where we illustrate how scientific research can have a lasting impact on the world. This video expands on the concept of positive growth. Ripples of water trigger geometric prisms to shine lights and affect plants to grow, speaking to an action researchers can take in daily lives to leave an impact on scientific
Creative Direction: Masami Overstreet (PLOS)
Executive Producer: Alex Herder
Producer: Gina Falcone, Aliyah Oestricher  
Art Direction: Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Design & Storyboard: Jojo Chongjaroenjai, Eri Hashimoto
Animation: John Martinez, Greg Markman
Sound Design: Anna Roman
Narration: Atibo Onen, Carlos Canales