Next-Gen Streaming
Continuum x Turner Entertainment


I had an opportunity to work alongside the talented team at Continuum on this project – to design a simple, beautiful, responsive, and intuitive video viewing experience for feature-length content across multiple platforms for Turner's flagship brands, TNT and TBS. After conducting user research, the team gathered feedback and insight to develop the concept for Turner's new online viewing platform. We used storytelling to create user scenarios that illustrate problems, key pain points, users' perspectives, needs, interactions, and solutions.
I was fortunate to be involved in this project from start to completion and was responsible for storyboarding and creating the animation that demonstrated new experiences that align with Turner's mission – to engage viewers while creating an enhanced brand experience. The animations helped stakeholders relate and empathize with users while clearly communicating complex product functions and user interaction. 

Role: User Research, Storyboard, Animation
Scenario 01 / Mindless Companion
Scenario 02 / On the Go
Scenario 03 / Movie Night
Project Manager & Direction: Kord Brashear
UX/Digital Design: Bill Gastrock, Patrick Bitchell, Jen Ashman, Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Illustration: Jen Ashman
Storyboard: Jen Ashman, Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Animation: Jojo Chongjaroenjai