Monster Content 
LinkedIn Learning


Monster Content is an animated journey through the LinkedIn Learning production pipeline at the Carpinteria campus! The animation displays a high-level content production process from script to publication.
The animation is used as a visual guideline for new instructors and for on-boarding orientations. I was fortunate to lead this initiative from concept to completion. The concept of 'Monster' derived from a large (monstrous) library of content that the team has produced over the years. We decided to use this as a theme for the animation, translating every department into its own special monsters.​

Role: Art Direction, Design, Storyboard, Animation
Character Design & Sketches
Background Design
Creative Direction: Terri Bassett
Art Direction: Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Script: Eric Harper, Ryan Molton
Storyboard: Eric Harper, Daniel Horine, Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Character Design: Mark McLoughlin (Lead Designer) , Daniel Horine
Background Design: Tori Smith (Lead Designer), Daniel Horine, Mark McLoughlin,
Aaron Granlund, Randall Loui, Sarah Govea, Hannah Boydstun, Jenna Verbryke,
Megan McKiernan
Rigging & Technical Animation: Jason Rowe, Alex Bradt, Breton Brander
Animation: Jason Rowe, Alex Bradt, Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Composition: Jojo Chongjaroenjai, Alex Bradt
Sound Design: Daniel Horine      
Narration: Hayley O'Connor
Audio Recording & Sound Mixing: Deb Cornish, Kyle Johnson