Manager Flaw Campaign
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The Most Frustrating Thing a Boss Can Do Is...
LinkedIn Learning surveyed 2,968 professionals and asked them about the most frustrating quality they've experienced in a manager. According to the survey, a manager whose expectations are not clear is the number one issue that lead to people leaving companies. This was followed by a manager who micromanages, a manager who is not involved and a manager who does not foster employee development. The data revealed that 36% of employees have quit their job because their managers exhibited one of these qualities. 

What Do We Do with this Data? 
 LinkedIn Learning developed a campaign to promote The Four Must-Learn Skills for Managers, unlocking four courses for a short period of time as a roadmap for managers and people who develop managers to learn necessary skills. In collaboration with the Content Marketing team, I had an opportunity to design and animate each scenario demonstrating the problem and solution. The first rule we had in mind is that these characters must use LinkedIn new branding. The challenge then was to complete all the design and animation in less than two days. We brainstormed and have a quick storyboarding session for all scenarios, then move quickly into production.    

Role: character design and animation
Unclear Expectations
Problem - Employees leave jobs when manager have unclear expectations
Solution - Develop a vision and show employees what success looks like
Problem - Employees leave jobs when they are micromanaged
Solution - Delegate and trust your employees
Staying Connected
Problem - Employees leave jobs when managers don't show interest in their work
Solution - Stay connected and provide feedback to your team
Fostering Development
Problem - Employees leave jobs when managers don't foster their development
Solution - Coach employees and guide their development
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