Visual System: Metro 
LinkedIn Learning
The Challenge 
To develop new visual system for LinkedIn Learning business content that appeals to young audiences while being inclusive of a wide variety of ages. The design needs to be produced efficiently and consistently at scale across global design teams. 
The Solution
I define the style and direction, create a guideline, and build a collection of reusable components from which any designers can build characters, simple icons, scenes and compositions, fast while keeping the visual language consistent. I collaborated with the automation team to create templates and necessary tools for efficient workflow.
Role: art direction, design, illustration, motion
Color & Tone
Diverse. Colorful. Young. Bright
Character Design & System
The characters are built with simple geometric shapes with diverse body figures, library of skin tones, hair styles, hands, outfits, to accommodate endless combinations.   
Characters in Scenes
Motion is used to guide learners through instructions, communicate abstract ideas in an appealing and fun ways, and focus attention on what is important in a scene.   
Style Guide​​​​​​​

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